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A Deal 杂音

A young actress from China brands herself as an orphan and human rights victim to enter the mainstream theater in America, while her parents smuggle one million dollar cash from Shanghai to buy her an apartment in Manhattan.

A DEAL is a dark comedy that follows a Chinese family's home buying journey in New York in winter 2015, a time of increased real estate property ownership by overseas Chinese and a sharp decline in the value of the Yuan against the US dollar.

据纽约时报报道,在2015年中国家庭首次成为在美国购房的最大海外买家群体。中国买家的购 房均价为831800美元,是美国买家的三倍。——这些是什么人?为什么会在离家那么远的地方买房?美国人又是怎样看待他们的?


Click HERE to read an excerpt of the play (English)

点击这里阅读剧本片段 (中文)

Production and Development History

  • Urban Stages Theater, NYC 2017

  • The Next Big Thing Reading Series, Urban Stages Theater, NYC 2017

  • Unfiltered Festival, Ensemble Studio Theatre, NYC 2017

  • Bloodworks Reading Series, Ensemble Studio Theatre, NYC 2016

  • Staged reading, National Central University, Taiwan 2017

  • Staged reading, Taiwan Opera Art Center, Taiwan 2017

  • Workshops, Shanghai Dramatic Art Center 2016, Guangzhou Dramatic Art Center 2016

  • ​Created as part of Ibsen International's New Text - New Stage program 2015

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